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Commercial Pilot Training & Licence

Aviation Training & Commercial pilot license

To obtain the pilot License, the students or trainees need to meet the particular eligibility criteria. They should complete 10+2 with 50 percent marks in mathematics and physics and in case the students do not have these subjects in class tenth, they have the option to clear these two subjects from the National Open School of learning. Then they can start their pilot training course.

The other important criteria which a student must fulfill are that they should be of 16 years of age at least to begin the pilot training program. The vision in one should be 6/6 and in other eye even if it is 6/9, it should be correctable to 6/6 and the individual should not be afflicted by any disease that can cause issues to the normal functioning of the eye.

Demand for pilots who hold a commercial pilot license India is increasing and the aspirants can now see their dreams change into reality by giving the best aeronautical courses & aircraft maintenance engineering courses offered by us. The training we provide will help you get the licenses easily. We specialise in giving aviation training as we have the quality experience in training students for becoming national or international pilots. Thus, we are a perfect launch pad for pilots.

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Duration 2 Years
ELIGIBILITY: Pilot Training
Examination Conduct By: DGCA
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The job of the pilot is a specialized one and the pilot needs to have impeccable knowledge about

  • Interpretation of meteorological reports
  • Air navigation
  • knowledge of operating the sophisticated and critical electronic or mechanical controls
  • knowledge of flying the aircraft under worse circumstances

Being a leader to the flight crew and passengers when some technical fault or climatic issues occur or if there are some emergency situations, the pilot should be able to manage the things well

Pilots need to be extremely responsible for the passengers, crew members and the aircraft. They need to have some qualities like, they should be highly disciplined, have patience, be responsible and punctual. They must have the self confidence have discipline, patience, responsibility, punctuality, commitment and self-confidence.

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