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The airline industry, in India, as well as across the globe, is growing by leaps and bounds. With airlines requiring qualified, trained and customer-friendly professionals, for a career as an air hostess, the sky is the limit! However, compared to the requirement of air hostesses in India, there is a dearth of air hostess training institutes. Sha-Shib, one of the best and the largest aircraft maintenance engineering colleges in South Asia, offers the best air hostess course in Pune to meet the ever-growing need for these professionals in India.

Air Hostess Course in Pune

Sha-Shib’s air hostess course in Pune aims at building comprehensive expertise, skills, and the aptitude required to become not just a good air hostess, but a successful one. The course focuses on developing the skills required at the global level, and therefore, Sha-Shib’s air hostess course in Pune could work as a passport to work with international airlines, and conquer international skies. The course involves rigorous training, grooming, theoretical, as well as practical sessions, coupled up with the latest infrastructure to support every single effort made towards developing air hostesses that would match international standards.

Airport Ground Staff Training Courses

Alongside being an air hostess, airport ground handling is another fascinating career, the demand for the professionals of which is expected to grow in the years to come. Sha-Shib’s airport ground staff training courses train students on various ground handling operations such as check-in, baggage tagging, customer management, boarding, etc. Students, when step out with a ground handling certificate, are all set to conquer the world, and prepared to become successful airport professionals!

Why is Sha-Shib the best Ground Staff Training and Air Hostess Training Institute in Pune?

Sha-Shib gives you many reasons why you must choose Sha-Shib as your air hostess college in Pune. Here are some of them.

  • Latest course curriculum and professional techniques
  • Industry-oriented air hostess and ground staff training program
  • Latest learning infrastructure
  • Exposure to updated software technologies and tools
  • Real world industry exposure
  • Placements with reputed airlines and associated organizations
  • Other facilities such as library, canteen, 24/7 student surveillance, etc.

So, do you really think you can make it to the sky? If yes, enroll yourself with Sha-Shib, the best ground staff training and air hostess training institute in Pune. Call +91 9423023423 for more details.

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Duration 2 Years
ELIGIBILITY: Pilot Training
Examination Conduct By: DGCA
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The job of the pilot is a specialized one and the pilot needs to have impeccable knowledge about

  • Interpretation of meteorological reports
  • Air navigation
  • knowledge of operating the sophisticated and critical electronic or mechanical controls
  • knowledge of flying the aircraft under worse circumstances

Being a leader to the flight crew and passengers when some technical fault or climatic issues occur or if there are some emergency situations, the pilot should be able to manage the things well

Pilots need to be extremely responsible for the passengers, crew members and the aircraft. They need to have some qualities like, they should be highly disciplined, have patience, be responsible and punctual. They must have the self confidence have discipline, patience, responsibility, punctuality, commitment and self-confidence.

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