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We are an open University of Distance Education Council and we offer science and management programs to students who want to make a lucrative career in the field. Students can meet the ever increasing demands of higher education especially in a developing country like India and we make sure our students get that ultimate studying experience which is unique and productive for them in every way.

What students can gain?

After successfully completing the science and management programs from our institute, students can apply for management jobs and for jobs in different science or engineering fields. They will attain skills and right knowledge which is required to complete the job successfully. We provide access to high quality education which each student seeks. The college is recognised by Government of Karnataka and it is also affiliated to the Bangalore University. The college is situated in Bangalore which has well furnished and spacious rooms for students to learn and study in a proper way. There are science lab and computer lab, well equipped electronics, paramedical, etc, with proper internet services that will help students to do the course in the best way. The college has excellent sports and recreational facilities as well which will allow the students to freshen up after a long day.

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Students can pursue courses like B.B.M. (Bachelor of Business Management) which is for the duration of three years or they can pursue B.C.A. (Bachelor of Computer Application) which is a 3 year duration course as well. The course is designed for critical technical and management needs and they get advanced knowledge which will help them to perform effectively in their jobs. The science and management courses emphasize on engineering and management perspectives that will allow the students to solve problems, take decisions or risks when it comes to live working environment. They can manage and do things better in compliance to the rules and regulations they need to follow in their job.

Each course is designed by the best teachers or faculty members and the courses will help the students to perform the managerial role in the best way. They can suit the business and cooperate world necessities and help the organisation in various ways. BBM will provide the overview of business management in a nutshell and the scope is immense for those with MBA or BBM qualifications. As per your area of interest or subject matter expert, you can plan to work in that department of any organisation.

On the other hand BCA has become a vital part of all industries and the increased use of information system and technology states that the domain offers rapid growth to worthy employees and getting the degree can be highly fruitful for the students. If you have the desired skills and know the principles of computer application to solve the problems related to technology or business, then certainly you can have the best career in this field. So, choose your science or management course today from our university and make a bright future in IT or managerial field.

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Sha-Shib College of Science & Management, Bhopal

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Sha-Shib College, Bangaluru

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